MongoDB for Node.js Developers Course

MongoDB University

Recently I completed the MongoDB for Node.js Developers Course from (MongoDB University)[https://university.mongodb]. This is my experience..

Course Overview

It’s a 7 week online course that covers using mongoDB and Node.js. Each week you’ll have 20 – 30 short (5 to 10 minute) video lessons followed by a quiz. The quiz can be multiple choice or writing javascript + mongoDB queries.
The quiz results do not count towards the final grade.
At the end of each week there is a homework assignment to complete and submit for verification.

Expect to spend ~3 hours on lessons and other couple on homework per week. It can be challenging to keep up the momentum of 7 weeks.


The homework assignments from each week will make up 50% of your final grade. The other 50% for a final exam.
65% is the overall grade you’ll need to hit to pass. Upon passing you’ll get a ‘cert’ from MonogoDB University. I’m expecting to receive mine in the next few weeks. After christmas 🙂

Course Structure

  • Week 1: Introduction – Installing, mongo shell, installing tools, node modules, swig, express
  • Week 2: CRUD – Mongo shell, queries, update, operators etc
  • Week 3: Patterns, case studies, trade offs
  • Week 4: Performance – indexes, monitoring, sharding
  • Week 5: Aggregation Framework – pipeline, SQL comparisons
  • Week 6: Replication and sharding
  • Week 7: Intro to Mongoose and FINAL EXAM


Worth it.
I came to this course with little knowledge of MongoDb. I had done several tutorials + read a couple of books.

However through the lessons, quizzes, homework etc, I picked up a decent bit of practical experience and theoretical knowledge for getting up and running. And if I’m luckily …for scaling out.

Also did I mention it’s a free course?

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