MongoDB for Node.js Developers Course

MongoDB University

Recently I completed the MongoDB for Node.js Developers Course from (MongoDB University)[https://university.mongodb]. This is my experience..

Course Overview

It’s a 7 week online course that covers using mongoDB and Node.js. Each week you’ll have 20 – 30 short (5 to 10 minute) video lessons followed by a quiz. The quiz can be multiple choice or writing javascript + mongoDB queries.
The quiz results do not count towards the final grade.
At the end of each week there is a homework assignment to complete and submit for verification.

Expect to spend ~3 hours on lessons and other couple on homework per week. It can be challenging to keep up the momentum of 7 weeks.


The homework assignments from each week will make up 50% of your final grade. The other 50% for a final exam.
65% is the overall grade you’ll need to hit to pass. Upon passing you’ll get a ‘cert’ from MonogoDB University. I’m expecting to receive mine in the next few weeks. After christmas 🙂

Course Structure

  • Week 1: Introduction – Installing, mongo shell, installing tools, node modules, swig, express
  • Week 2: CRUD – Mongo shell, queries, update, operators etc
  • Week 3: Patterns, case studies, trade offs
  • Week 4: Performance – indexes, monitoring, sharding
  • Week 5: Aggregation Framework – pipeline, SQL comparisons
  • Week 6: Replication and sharding
  • Week 7: Intro to Mongoose and FINAL EXAM


Worth it.
I came to this course with little knowledge of MongoDb. I had done several tutorials + read a couple of books.

However through the lessons, quizzes, homework etc, I picked up a decent bit of practical experience and theoretical knowledge for getting up and running. And if I’m luckily …for scaling out.

Also did I mention it’s a free course?

The Way of Testivus

20130309-122023.jpgIf you write code, write tests.
Don’t get stuck on unit testing dogma.
Embrace unit testing karma.
Think of code and test as one.
The test is more important than the unit.
The best time to test is when the code is fresh.
Tests not run waste away.
An imperfect test today is better than a perfect test someday. An ugly test is better than no test.
Sometimes, the test justifies the means.
Only fools use no tools.
Good tests fail.

The Way Of Testivus