Are you ready to adopt microservice architecture? 

10 reasons you are not ready for microservices👇🏻

1. When you consider microservices to be THE solution regardless of the problem.

2. When you think a microservice architecture is just what you need for your indie hacker side project currently with no users, pre-revenue and seeking product market fit.

3. You think microservices will ‘make things faster’.

4. If you think a mircoservice architecture is ‘simpler’.

5. When you have an IT operations team focused on preventing change from upsetting the smooth running of the system and a development team whose sole purpose is changing the system. HINT: combine them via devops

6. When the deployment of a new server into production is a painstaking and manual task of provisioning, updating and patching.

7. When you don’t consider how team topologies affects the architecture and architecture affects the team topology.

8. When you think a ‘monolith’ architecture is a ‘bad thing’. Why? Just because…

9. When your deployment process is painful involving multiple handoffs, approvals, signoffs and you don’t have a simple repeatable auditable deployment process. Microservices mean more deployments compounding the problem.

10. When you are manually handling server configuration, software deployment, scaling, and incident and log management. 

And this is coming from a fan of microservices architecture.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Interested to hear your thoughts on microservice architecture.

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