My experience with the Google Cloud Associate Engineer Certification

Recently I achieved the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification. Below is a summary of my experience and a list of learning approaches I found useful. 

Tricker than the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

Last year I completed the AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate exam. There are similarities but I did find the GCE exam tricker.  Both consist of 40 or 50  multiple choice questions with 4 possible options.  The AWS exam focused on more high level knowledge of the AWS services and selecting the best AWS option to suit a generic use case. The GCE exam however digs deeper into more practical day to day cloud engineering working knowledge. In particular you’ll need to know the essential gcloud, gsutil commands and IAM.

Learning Resources:

Online learning(videos and qwik labs) at

Additional qwik labs:

The Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide This is the most useful in preparing for the exam. Plus the online practise exam questions(400) available when you register the book online.

Also check out:

The Google Cloud Developer’s Cheat Sheet
Open source reading info on passing the exam:

Plus practical experience I picked up building and deploying to GCP.

Good luck!

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