Meet The Full Stack

I am excited to share a new project I am involved with called The Full Stack and I would really appreciate your valuable input and feedback.

Meet The Full Stack – The professional network built for Software Engineers.

The Full Stack is a platform designed for software engineering that I wished had existed throughout my career and to this very day. We’re hoping this platform helps engineers, managers and teams on their journey:

  • Showcase you and your projects on a professional network specifically for Software Engineering.
  • Connect with like minded engineers and build a more meaningful network (no spam!).
  • Don’t let your work get overlooked, instead let it connect you to opportunities from Teams and Engineering Managers looking for engineers just like you.
  • Unlike other networks liked LinkedIn, when “real” engineering hiring managers reach out to you on The Full Stack, you get paid into your wallet for reading and responding to opportunities, putting you in control.

The platform is built in Next.js, Tailwind, Spring, NodeJS, MongoDB running on Google Cloud Platform.

I’d really appreciate your feedback and thoughts. Reach out!

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