AI impact on software developer jobs

AI is predicted to disrupt 300 million jobs across major economies.

And yes, that includes software developers too.

Your career is not safe. You need to prepare now to avoid obsolescence.

Here are 12 steps to adapt and protect your career for what’s coming 👇🏻

1) Supercharge your existing coding skills with the power of AI coding assistants such as Github Copilot, CodeGPT and Cody from Sourcegraph.

Spend less time creating boilerplate and repetitive code patterns, and more time on what matters – solving real customer problems.

2) Next learn to ‘learn faster’ with ChatGPT style LLM

Use conversational style prompts for rapid prototyping, learning and experimentation.

Ask ChatGPT to explain tricky code step-by-step. Or ask ChatGPT to explain code as if explaining to a ’10 year old child’.

3) Study the OpenAI code repos

Get up to speed on the OpenAI that’s turning the world upside down.

Check out the OpenAI code repo, examples and experiment.

Importantly understand the types of problems these models are solving for.

Add these tools to your tool box.

4) Study Hugging Face transformers repo. Hugging Face

Transformers provides thousands of pre-trained models to perform tasks on text, vision, and audio. The keyword here is ‘pretrained’. You can mostly use these out-of-the-box.

More tools for your toolbox.

5) Next learn the basics of ML

Consider courses such as the free Google Cloud Machine Learning Crash course Google Cloud

Venture deeper into popular tools and libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch.

The more you work with AI, the more valuable you’ll be in the job market.

6) Stay up-to-date with the latest emerging AI innovations

We are living through an Explosion of Intelligence. The AI space is changing incredibly rapidly.  I follow trending Twitter accounts.

7) Now for some tough love

Your ability to write code has become less valuable. AI lowers the barrier of entry. So broaden your tech skills – cyber security, cloud, AI, data science.

8) Master debugging & problem-solving

AI may be able to write code, but it still struggles with complex problem-solving. Hone your debugging skills.

This expertise will set you apart.

9) People Skills

People aren’t going away any time soon! So develop your people skills.

Collaboration, teamwork, leadership, influencing, communication skills are more essential now than ever for developers.

Build your network, support and learn from each other.

The The Full Stack is here for this.

10) Develop business acumen

Understand how the business works and crucially how technology can drive growth.

11) Learn to Adapt

Be open to change and willing to learn new skills.

12) Creativity & innovation

Think outside the box and push boundaries. As AI automates repetitive tasks, human creativity and innovation will become increasingly valuable.

That’s a wrap!

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