AI Developer Assistants 2023

GitHub Copilot is so last year. 

Here are 5 cutting edge emerging AI Developer Tools in 2023 to supercharge your productivity. 

1) Cody from Sourcegraph

Chat and instruct your codebase, ask nicely to write Unit Tests

2) CodeComplete

YCombinator backed, private beta CodeComplete AI

Self hosted, fine tuned to your codebase.

3) FauxPilot – an open-source alternative to GitHub Copilot server

4) Tabby

Open-source and Self-hosted AI coding assistant

5) Copilot X

Next level GitHub Copilot with code chat, terminal interfaces, Github pull request and workflow integration. Currently in Preview

All these provide alternatives to the existing popular tools including: Tabnine, Replit Ghostwriter, Amazon CodeWhisper, Codeium. 

Ok thanks for reading. 

This is an exciting and rapidly changing space. 

Stay tuned!

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